Marvel Legends Black Suit Spider-Man

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Join the legendary action in the Marvel Legends Series with this towering and awe-inspiring 12-inch Marvel Legends Spider-Man figure. Featuring 30-plus points of articulation, alternate hands and premium, highly detailed styling, this Legends figure is an epic addition to any Super Hero and Super Villain collection.

Also included is The Web of Spider-Man #33:
"What's the Matter with Mommy?" Part 1 of 3. Story by Ann Nocenti. Art by Cindy Martin and Steve Leialoha. Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. One of the Kingpin's men is in trouble for shady business dealings, so he sends his wife to a psycho ward, nicknamed the Mad Dog Ward, in order to keep her quiet. Peter Parker runs into the woman's children who tell him that their mother has been abducted. Spider-Man goes to the Pleasant Valley ward to investigate, but things do not go as planned. Story continues in Amazing Spiderman 295. 32 pages